About Our Child Care Agency’s Pre-Kindergarten Care Program

Your children are in their senior year of preschool! Congratulations! Now is the time to find a place that provides them with proper education and teaches them skills to help them deal with what is coming in the years ahead. If you are located in Monahans, TX and are searching for a place to enroll your kids, Nana T's Learning Center might be the right child care agency for you! Learn more about our pre-kindergarten care programs. 

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program (4 to 5 years) 

When you walk into our pre-K classroom, you will see writing and artwork displayed everywhere. There are also labels to help kids connect letters with words. You will also find pictures on the walls that reflect the members of our community in Monahans, TX. At our child care agency, we aim to build a warm and supportive classroom for kids of all abilities, experiences, and backgrounds. 

A Typical Day 

Our child care professionals follow a daily routine. No matter how the kids learn or play during the day, they come together for group time, to play outside in the fresh air, and to enjoy healthy meals together. Although every day at our facility is a little different than the previous one, it is always fun! We guarantee you that! The food we provide children at our care agency is healthy, delicious, and always fresh. We always make sure we know about your children’s diet practices, allergies, and likes and dislikes. 

In our child care classroom in Monahans, TX, your kids will deepen their knowledge in math, science, language, and social skills. Want to find out more about Nana T's Learning Center and the work our professionals have been doing for the local community? Or maybe, are you interested in how to enroll? We will be happy to speak with you, explain everything you need to know about this service and help you fill-up the paperwork. 

Join our family! We look forward to seeing you soon! Dial (432) 943-5282 to contact Nana T's Learning Center for a consultation!